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Long Day in the Bee Yard

Welcome to Smiley B Farms LLC. We are a family farm in North West Florida were we produce the World Famous Tupelo Honey as well as Wildflower and Holly or Gallberry Honey. Our honey is 100% Raw Unfiltered Honey. Our honey is also all 100% produced by our bees.

We Do Not buy honey from other sources. Some people say they sell Raw Honey but buy it from numerous beekeepers and have no idea how they treated the honey during the extraction process. Some systems "Not Ours" flash heat honey while extracting, making it not Raw Honey to start with. The honey you purchase here is extracted from comb without heat, allowed to settle in tank and then only ran through a course strainer to remove any large beeswax particles or bee parts. All of the pollen, enzymes, antioxidants, phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals still remain. We only gently warm the honey to around 90-95 degrees F to facilitate bottling, which is same temperature at it is while in hive. You will receive a premium, all natural, raw honey that is as close to eating it out of the hive as you can get.

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