Honey Spread or Creamed Honey


Honey Spread Creamed

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What is Honey Spread?  

A question we get all the time.

Honey Spread, Creamed, Whipped, Spun honey are all 100% honey but have been through a controlled crystallization or sugaring.  If most Honey varieties are allowed to sugar or crystallize naturally they form large crystals, not pleasing to most people’s palate.

Honey sugars or crystallizes to the size crystal that first sugars in batch so to make spread we want a very fine, small crystal. Honey Spread starts with a large number of small crystals, which prevent the formation of larger crystals that can occur in naturally sugaring honey. The results are a creamy, silky smooth texture, and spreadable consistency honey. Hense the name Creamed or Honey Spread.

Honey Spread is 100% honey just like our other honey but just allowed to sugar to a wonderful texture for you to enjoy. The name “Creamed” makes a lot of people think that cream as been added to the honey and therefore the reason we chose Honey Spread as name we use.

Honey Spread comes in a wide mouth 12 oz. jar so you can enjoy every drop.    

Keep Spread at room temperature, doesn’t need  refrigerating but will convert back to liquid honey if allowed to get hot, therefore do not leave in vehicle.  

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