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Sorry but we are booked for the rest of our 2023 season.   Thank you for a great year!!!

We produce a limited number of Virgin VSH “Varroa Sensitive Hygenic” Queens from our Breeders or from Breeder from our friends at VP QueensHarbo Bee Company, and Cory Stevens Bee Co.. These virgins will be grafted from high expressing VSH trait breeders so you are able to open mate with your current stock and still have the expressed VSH traits as well as be combined with your local genetics. Our breeders have all scored a top score of 4 with the Harbo testing method, which much more involved test than the freezing of brood/removal test.

Order & Pricing Information

The minimum order quantity is 20 Virgin Queens. 

Pricing: $10 each + a flat rate overnight shipping cost of $50 to anywhere in the United States.   Virgins and Queens are fragile and shipping can be unreliable, but we have had great success with Overnight UPS.  We prefer and recommend shipping to your local UPS Hub and picking up there first thing in the morning which saves the trip on the hot brown truck.

NOTE: Please do not purchase queens off of the website before contacting Smiley B. Farms to ensure availability. Please fill out the contact form to initiate an order. We ask that you include a valid shipping address, & cellphone number so we can text and keep in contact about order. At that point, we will then send you an invoice for you to pay. We will email the invoice, as well as send a text letting you know that the invoice has been sent. Keep in mind that you may have to check your spam folder! 

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Shipping Information

If we have any additional questions we will reach out to you at the phone number provided in the contact form. This number will also be included on the UPS shipping documents so UPS can contact you when your package is ready for pickup.

All virgins will emerge in strong queen-less hives so they are fed immediately after emerging.

They will emerge on Monday & be shipping on Tuesday, via Overnight UPS Shipping ONLY. The shipping cost will be added to the subtotal after the number of queens is approved. It is our recommendation that you have your queens shipped to a UPS Regional Customer Pickup Location and have it held there for you to pick up when ready. This saves these valuable queens a trip in the very hot UPS brown vans which lack proper air conditioning. We have had great luck with this method and are typically available for pickup between 9 & 10 am so that you may get them before the temperature gets too warm!